The Growth In Digital Marketing

If you look at any figures these days, it’s not hard to understand that online marketing and eCommerce in particular are “taking off”. last year over £16 billion was traded via eCommerce mechanisms, and that trend is set to increase almost exponentially over the next five to ten years.

So, what is driving this phenomenal growth?

“Technology” spurts Doug Bates of Intelligent People, a digital marketing and product management recruitment agency based in St Albans in the U.K.

With a client list that inlcudes eBay and Amazon, two of the biggest eCommerce companies in the Western world, Doug knows what he is talking about. He’s worked in digital marketing recruitment for over thirteen years with business partner Chris Mason.

“So, yes, the technology is driving the move to eCommerce. Certainly the more secure payment systems that now transact really quickly and safely are the main movers behind it. People no longer feel exposed entering their credit card details online. Yes, there are still breaches of security, but generally speaking online systems are secure and people feel safe. That is the major reason online sales have exploded”.

Other Growth Factors In Digital Marketing

Surely there must be other factors driving this though?

“Well, of course there are other factors, but I genuinely think the safey aspect that the technology gives us has moved on and opened up online trading for many people who were not happy to buy online before. However, other roles in the gamut of digital marketing have also become far more advanced to back up the tech movement”, he smiles.

“You see UI and customer tracking have moved so far from when we started IP back in 2012. The tracking of the customer journey is now so advanced and the systems employed (there’s that tech angle again) are so clever thet they can almost predict what customers are going to do. Also, the ability to offer related products and the algorithms used are so much more advanced. It’s all about taking the maximum dollar take from every customer as they transit through your website”.

Of course I understand you need to maximise your income from your online presence, but is this the only way in which technology has helped?

Technology Is The Base Of It All

“In all honesty, technology is helping and driving online commerce at virtually every stage of the process. That extends to customer capture as well. The mechanisms for doing that are so much more advanced as are the mailing systems that site behind the capture. But it’s the analytics that go on that predict and suggest customer behaviour that are the real game changers”, he cays with some confidence.

“We are recruiting a lot more people who are in to the customer journey and the ability to analyse and refine that journey, in essence to “push”, very gently of course, people down the right path for the digital retailer to maximise take. It’s almost become and art form”, he laughs and takes a sip of his Costa Coffee.

Key Areas

“We are finding that each area of digital marketing is being divided down in to ever deeper sub niches. For example, SEO now breaks down into Search Marketing Vacancies as well. Growth Hacking has become and incredibly important area as have Performance Marketing Jobs. I have already mentioned the advances in analytics but we also have to look at things like Conversions and Conversion Tracking. Key areas, why are people buying, or possibly, why not?”

This is all vital stuff to the digital marketer isn’t it?

“Yes, indeed”, he takes another sip of coffee, ”

You can find Intelligent People’s Online Marketing Recruitment website here.