SaaS Software Engineering Recruitment

Let’s take a look at the SaaS Software Engineering Recruitment Market.

The growth of SaaS and PaaS over the last few years has been phenominal. It’s no secret that copmpanies like Sales Force have started to dominate by providing cloud based Software as a Service. And, you can see why. Using such services create great cost savings for businesses at all levels as well as accesability to advanced software systems for smaller business who are able to buy in at a level that suits them.

It’s a true win/win situation.

This is true for both the providers and users, which is a great situation to be in. And, something that rarely happens!

Market Penetration

For the providers of such systems, it gives them a far deeper market penetration because of the economies of scale invokved they are able to offer to a far wider auduence. For example the two man Internet business that needs a sales rfecording system can afford to buy into Sales Force at the very lowest level. They get super fucntionbal software for a fraction  of the cost they would have to pay to set up their own infrastructure.

So, the growth pattern is clear for all to see. and, in all honesty you could probably not have seen this coming even six or seven years ago. Yes, the technology was there, but it wasn’t being utlisied. So, this really has been a quantum shift forward.

Recruitment Challenges

So, what sorts of challenges has this brought for recruiters looking to hire SaaS software engineering recruitment staff into this high demand market?

The first thing to say is that the number of SaaS and PaaS development roles open has exploded. When this happens in any technology market (as if did when Unix took over as the operating system of choice and obhect Orientation becamse de riguer), there is a skills gap.

This of course drives up the price of the skills.

It also leads to the dreaded skills shortage as it takes time for technologists from other disciplines to cross train into the new skills requirements.

How You Work as A Recruiter

For the recruitment agency this can be good or bad depending on how you work.

If you are working on a low level contingency basis, then trying to find the skills to meet your clients demands can be challenging. this sort of lower level service provision works well when you have a skills market in balance and doesn’t really required ultra skilled recruitment consultants. Finding and placing the candidates becomes something more akin to an admin role.

However, when you attack a skills short market, it does provide a unique opportunity for the recruiter.

How Top Recruiters Work

Many find the challenge all a little too much, but the skillful recruiter revels in this sort of market. Indeed, this is where the role of recruitment consultant truly becomes consultative.

the more advanced recruiter will know and understand his clients’ projects, he will know what skills they want and when they are likely to need them. He has a close working relationship with the SaaS Development Managers and will be pro-active in finding skills for them on the required timescale.

He will also “career manage” his candidate base with the key SaaS Software engineering skills. He will know when the best people are looking or available. He will pair them up with the best opportunities whilst fulfilling the needs of his clients at the same time. this is truly consultantive recruitment, and only the best can deliver it.

Finding The Best Recruitment Agency

if you can find recruitment consultant who work in this manner they are worth their weight in gold as they will bring a continued pipeline of business. They will be extremely market aware, understand the skills, projects and how the skills market works in their niche.

Such consultants are not only valued by their agency, but also by their candidates and clients alike.

For a truly consultative approcah in SaaS aqnd PaaS software development, contact Harvey Thomas.