Making Work Your Passion

Hi Lane here,

Today I want to take a look at how you can make work your passion. Having spent a lot of time working with people looking to make career changes and consulting on the issue, I came to understand this aspect of work intimately.

People Don’t Like Work!

And, official figures will tell you that less than 5% of people actually enjoy what the do for their work. Sadly that means 95% of people in today’s world are simply enduring “the job”. I have seen the trend which suggests a lot more people are now working under their own steam and developing online markieting businesses, but…I still see a massive rush hour every day. This suggests that many people still turn out fopr work every morning.

So, this begs the question, how can I make my work align with my passion in life?

I talked to Peter and Julie Maxted of Pets, Homes and Gardens which is a pet sitting franchise business opportunity.

So, how did it all start?

“We loved our dogs”, smiles Peter, “Oh yes”, interjects Julie, “they were always a prime consideration in our lives, how to make room for them and to ensure we enjoyed a lot of time with them”.

“So, initially, we just started pet sitting for people in the local area. We had the room and we could run this alongside our local publishing business”, says Julie, “we enjoy the publishing business, but our dogs wre, still are, our passion”.

O.K, I can understand that, but how did you make the leap from just offering a side business to setting up an operation to franchise out?

“I guess we were a little lucky, but then, I’ve heard it said you make your own luck”, says Peter, Julie continues, “we were talking to a friend David Hardisty who is a business consultant, and he’d just taken another business client of his into the franchise model. He suggested it would work perfectly with pet sitting”.

Light Bulb

“It was a “light bulb” moment”, laughs Peter, “we saw the possibilities immediately, but had no idea how to go about making it happen”.

“However, David was prepared to “cut us a deal”, so we started talking to him. It was a short leap to change all the media David had prepared for his other client to our branding and market. In return we gave David’s wife, Mel, our first franchise and we gave it to her free of charge on the understanding we could use her as a “sales tool” to help bring in other franchisees”, says Peter.

“Yes, we cut our teeth with Mel, and working alongside her and David, we were able to iron out all of the rough spots leaving us with a very smooth operation some three months later”, adds Julie.

Solid Growth

“Indeed, once we had a reference point, and Mel was so helpful in getting other franchisees on board, we grew quickly”, says Peter, “we now have thirty five franchisees all over the United Kingdom and are looking for mnore in all areas”.

“It’s a great deal”, says Julie with a broad grin, “you get everything you need to run a hugely successful business. All the paperwork, accounting processes and you get some advertising each month thrown in. And, what’s even better is that the total up front costs are only £495”!

How do you keep costs so low?

“That’s just a sort of signing on and system delivery payment”, says Peter, “obviously, we can’t run the entire business on such a small income so there is profit share with PHG taking a small share of every franchisees monthly profit in order to maintain all of the infrastructure and ensure we can be paid as well”.

David arrives, “it’s a brilliant deal”, he pipes up, “Mel loves her animals and she loves running a Pets, Homes and Gardens franchise, the real beauty is that everything is done for her so she can concentrate on doing what she enjoys, looking after pets”.

Peter adds the final word, “I am just so pleased we are allowing people to totally love what they do to earn their money – it’s hugely gratifying”, he laughs loudly.

You can find PHG and the following web address